My Self Portrait was all wrong.,Just One single head, they said.

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It’s Me

11x 14″ watercolor and graphite, $125

A Wonderful Day, it Happens!

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On Jul 16, 2017, at 1:09 PM, barbara greene mann <> wrote:</>

Will do, thanks!
I had quite  a lovely day. Met friends at art show, just Workman art members. Put out lots of pictures. No one came, but chatted and went I went downstairs, they had clothes and stuff, etc. I bought the cutest jacket, 10$ and Mom would love it, almost like she was there, walked right up to it , perfect.
Left early and went to Fringe Festival, they are across Canada and US, and heard of this good show, and I was. Although I had a quick doze . The actor was non stop movement describing how he met the woman if his dreams. Duh , laff , laff and how he would purpose. Quick, stream of consciousness, etc. Afterwards I met him outside and we had a really fun chat. Then I asked , true? And yes there was Vanessa, his wife.
On a roll, went to next stop looking for infamous soup restaurant and inquired, where I met head volunteer leader. She gave me a delicious granola bar, and after an improv .connection, she gave me a ticket for a free improv class at 2 nd city. I moved on and joined a group on fringes forum about disabilities. Being oldest and wisest I made a few poignant comments and idea Ed a plan to have sign language in kindergarten , breaking down a barrier for deaf and now we can be cross cultural , inclusive, all the buzz words. I can organize this between 3 large groups I can access  and take it to City Hall.
A new project , I have plenty of paintings. Had a nice salad etc., compliments of you. Thanks again, heard some teenage music, and left .
Caring a lot of things, huffed to bus and home.

Two hours of tossing and cleaning, my volunteer due to arrive soon.

He never came.

One last play to be seen and connection with Natasha.

i just realized it’s typing on the iPad one fingered that is hurting bicep,

Good by.


Self Portrait of an Artist as an Artist

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I thought the self portrait should be more than just a face,so I incorporated a role with it.

Self Portrait of an Artist as an Artist.

this painting is an original 11 x 14″, watercolor and graphite on paper and sells at this site.

Dr. Radiation

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You’re right. Well I feel a little burnt and my lungs feel as if they’re stuck to the back of my chest. I can hardly walk , a few more steps, at the subway.  Startled I awoke, and didn’t know where’s I was. Oh my how did I get on the Yonge line?  I would have gotten off and changed. Driver nothing looks familiar. I don’t know ..oh you do, just tell me where to go. Thank you . I’m home.

Barbara eat something , more than potato chips, I had had two bags. I was wobbling and then I fell hard, backwards. I would be lying here till I died O.K,. Thursday.  I hurt then I made myself get up, like Jesus. Right to bed.

You won’t feel a thing.

After a week or so of a tortured bent over, gait, hunched over I aged about 50 years. I called the palliative care doctor. He came the next day and he said one of your legs is longer than the other,  aha you. have a broken hip. Which one right or left? I asked because  my foot was swollen from something else. Should I call the ambulance? I ‘ll  stay with you  until it comes.

No, no I’m doing something.

Three days later I  finished my 10 day overdue submission and agree to go get an X-ray. Then I had to decide which hospital. I had one choice and promised not to change it.  Arriving at 2 p.m. And at 1 a.m. I was declared fit as a fiddle, no breaks or anything.  I had to go by cab as I was too tired.

I told him not to be so certain until you’re certain with proof. I was walking and I had looked it up on the internet, Dr. Mazotta, anyone can be a doctor they just have to study a few years longer and pay more tuition. You don’t have to be that smart. He shook his head in agreement.

I only met one other MD who wasn’t that smart and he wa

Dr. Who missed the cancer diagnosis. How could he have been so stupid and it took another year and a half till I had an X-ray for something else. So I just want to say your lungs are in the back of your chest. He said it was because my book bag was too heavy.
Are you still moving to Canada?

Dr. Radiator said I had a year to live without treatment. When I arrived he asked me what I was doing back.  Right it was two years later.  I love proving people wrong, don’t you.


Oh dear said the divas turning green