Improv from the Master’s Hand, Kate Ashbury

Art for sale, new works, Improv, it's Role, Life, Original sketches drawn ar the performance, live and painted later in the studio, Small drawings


The first group of improvers were sharp, on their toes and hilarious.

Improv Moves fast so keep up.

Kerry is out with a sweet young thing and leaves him jumping. On the left.

On the right , the family heals and they remain together.

And last we watch two funny, funny improvers.

Pick a word out of the bucket said Chad, it’s Angledust.

His partner sticks his whole head in, snorts, and rises above the chair.Yep that did it. I’m an angel, he calls out. Can it be? Everyone shakes their head in agreement.

That’s it Folks.

Original pictures belong to Kate Ashby. Prints for students and improvers, 20$, 30$ for all three. 11 x14″ leave me a comment or email to

Three Divas in Space, Their Job an Inspiring Fix , featuring the latest works

Art for Sale, Art for sale, new works, Art Raises your Vibrations, color, etc. the things that make a great painting, I really love this drawing, Is Trump Keeping U.S safe? Safer? Or going Overboard Himself?, it's all the eyes of the Bholder, Jazz Music, Small drawings

Dr. Radiator says, “You won’t feel a thing.”

image Oh dear said the divas. Y

A new Gallery

Art Raises your Vibrations


Mom and her Baby in the Amazon Jungle Restaurant. everybody loves a treat.


David Serada and himself and his two string players

David Serada and himself and his two string players.


Jazz is still alive when Fern hits the stage.


Fern sings,plays the piano,dances under the piano, and leads the band.