Did God make Cataracts to Spare Us the Pain of Looking at Ourselves Age?

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I have cataracts in both eyes. The doc came out and gave the pricing lecture. Big Eyes, like Big Pharma, must have thought of this “get rich wherever or whenever” you can scheme. 

Here’s the pitch. OHIP lens are free, they’re OK, BUT…The 1st upgrade, $200 each eye, is much better.

Now for the middle class, $800 each eye, yes, much better much better. Next the $1800 per eye? Much better? How are you ever going to know? ” can you see that blue dot over there?

Oh I was blind but now I can see

the greenfly?

I’ll take the OHIP one. But he said if you get the $100 upgrade to make the measurements more accurate, it will make the greenfly better.                          I showed him my Cancer? I’d rather do Lunch” Book and he said he’d  knock off the $100 for a painting.

That’s a sale!

New Years Resolution #4-Sometimes You Have To Do What You Have to Do

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Yes, I have a new job, I’m a food modification engineer. Look at these beautiful apples I grew. No soil, no water,  no sunlight, and no taste. Time for lunch. You don’t want to eat this. I don’t care. I can force feed you. Apples are so good for you, Genetic Food Modification Technician


Exposed, New Year Resolutions for the Neighborhood

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It looks so deserted like nobody really lives here

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New Year’s Day, is so peaceful and chipper. Love and greetings warm the air but around the corner, the world of greed and darkness, filled with cancer, cockroaches, and rudeness fights to clamor back in, known as the underground.  They’re building a new subway station on the corner.
Above the streets illuminate this darkness. Its innovations, filth, and destruction expose nasty, noisy complications which invade the local community. Where is the sidewalk, buses haven’t a clue where the stops are and neither do the passengers?

 Should the neighborhood resign itself? It’s been three years already, so far. Another seven seems about right.? Like legos take it apart, resolve a minor issue, put it back together again. Hey, the pays too good and construction is something men love, dirt, noise, and good money.

New Year Resolutions

#1. Don’t Complain, It does no good.The Neighborhood never complains, whose to listen? Donde esta el Presidente?

#2. The worse it looks, the better it is because when it looks sparkly perfectomento we’ll be out on our asses.

#3. Wait, it’s not as bad as it seems because we’ll get a payoff and they’ll have to find us a new home with a community center?  What’s wrong? Nada!

The World Gardener and Ivana Agree, Eat Organic

Art for sale, new works, document era in art, Eat Organic, Gardener to make safer food for all, IVANA new Gardener to make food safe for the world, Ivana SAFER FOOD FOR THE WORLD

Mother Nature says Leave it to me!
The World Gardener Says Eat Organic

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Hate GMOs? Let Mother Nature Do her Job

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Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 9.28.23 PM

Hey Buddy , the puppy Clock 40$

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Barb Mann, Fine Art and T-shirts, Documenting the Trump Era

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Trumps America

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Trumps America

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Happy Hanukah, the Best Happy Hanukah Card Ever

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The Chanukah Story

Lighting the menorah
Cozies up our window
Mist from the heat
Wavering flames dance

The Temple being trashed, money lenders brawling
Would the oil over the bema keep our Torah safe?
While it upheld our faith that we too were secure
Burning far longer than its volume could promise.
This was the miracle.

The love our Lord gave to us was his gift
japanese Ninjas, Kung Foo Warriors, and our Maccabees
All special protectors.
Would they be there if we weren’t worthy?

Well they were but still
You must know what I am thinking
No, I don’t want to break the trance
But seven little presents and one big one
Still is no match for all the gifts
Neath our neighbors Christmas tree

I AM THRILLED, slightly less as my writing wasn’t saved but I know what I said.and there are 18 days until Hanukah, and it ends the 20th.

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To a Friend in the Hospital: Sorry you are Yellow

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Oh, Oh, I’m feeling so much Better, since you came.

Sorry you are Yellow

But I  remember you as cherry pink
Glowingly beautiful
With feet that could never stink
Sneak out, break out
Without a doubt.
Jim will stuff you under his coat, you are so lean
And of course, I could sing so badly it would cause a scene.
Waiting for your release.