Evolution of an Artist, a Biography and a Statement.

My Muse, the Sky, fill My Heart


Barbara Mann graduated with a Masters of Fine Arts from Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan in 1973. She was an original member of a group of new artists, the Tribes of Cass Corridor who changed the face of Detroit’s Artscape. She continues to fight through her art for basic freedom for all.

The first fifteen years built up her pictorial vocabulary as she looked and studied composition, perspective, color theory,  the creators of shapes and forms. Building blocks of the objects in her paintings.began  Around 2000 a new style of painting evolved, saving her from the most imaginable difficult times that could be. She found her Muse. Healing old wounds she painted new endings to bad scenarios.

Next, she created avatars to save her communities and homelands. Moving on, conquering  Tyrants and Terrorists, she could now explore  Peace,  creating new life scapes.

She wants to speak with the world,  influencing and helping others through her work. So here is her art, her enjoyment and thoughts,  painted with love, humor, and satirical wit.


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