A I Wonder Moment, Momentously Applauded, or A Perplexity?

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 Who’s’ Talking?

I read a few pages and understood something better than I had. I made something to eat and I went mmmm, this is good.

I saw on National Geographic.com expeditions page a giant faceless whale, caught majestically, leaping into the air.  Then navigating to trip choices a monkey-like creature’s face emerged from a ring of fur. Oddly enough it looked like it should have or could have been the whale’s head.  It was so odd I had to tell you.

Now, this poses the real question, why? Another one of those blogger’s duties? My “who am I questions?” I must say exploring one’s mind, the universe, consciousness is not an easy matter, but so amusing.

By the way, has anyone considered looking this up? I didn’t think so.



Cancer, I’d Rather Do Lunch or Go to the Beach, my first book is Desperately trying to break out

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Blurb book store.com

first http://www.blurb.ca/b/8240273-cancer-i-d-rather-do-lunch-or-go-to-the-beach iWhoa…it’s still on Blurb and I haven’t sent it to Facebook yet? But I will.

This publishing thing seemed a lot easier than it is and I’m not sure if one will person will see it

my book: Cancer I’d Rather Do lunch

my book: Cancer I’d Rather Do lunchhttp://www.blurb.com/b/8248123


Barbara Greene Mann

Two Faces of One Singer, Display a Dynamic Duet

11 x 14 " Watercolors with graphite or ink., Art for Sale, Art for sale, new works, Art Raises your Vibrations, Jazz Music, Musicians and Drawings, Original sketches drawn ar the performance, live and painted later in the studio, your Soul



Thanks to the Ontario Arts Council,  for their support which enabled me to have this art exhibition at the Maria Schchuka Library as it is always an honor to display my work to the Public

Integrity: A response to a Christopher Everson Poem

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the Thinker


There aren’t, came we,
any other way. The
roads there coming without.
Aren’t any today. Are
shortcuts, there’s we, where
no way gotten have
to descend not. Could
into this we that
pathway. This see, clearly
 Christopher Everson
In response to:
In teg-rit ie said the Haut , Ms. Wig
​ ​
You are a hog in a mog​ 
​Monday am​ I will inspect
Extreme Clean is the threat
Goggles on they toss
Even my shirt?
And your skirt
Ding! I hide under my bed
Slam! Gone
lol my paintings are saved in a cave
A playground of beauty softly exalted
take one bewildered friends, buy one
you will not feel a pinch
but instead a karmic joy
harvesting a loving  toy
 July 23, 2017
This drawing is for sale 40$, raising money for rent, I didn’t do  my income tax , they said and I lost my old age pension. Oh no

Enter comment, what? Not Allowed?

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I couldn’t agree with this author more. I am a great artist, with lung cancer for the 3rd time . Have you heard of me! No because  now it’s all about money . 45 $ to submit a painting to a large supported institution to view and choose. I can do that quickly for a lot less, how about 5 $,

Don’t ask for comments Sir if you only want your Own.

In Toronto this weekend , 750$ to enter an art festival, will I be there?


This isn’t fair

not freedom of speech, thar’s not we the people. I’d like to talk to the man in charge. Who’s running this show?

Self Portrait as a tight wire Walker

11 x 14 " Watercolors with graphite or ink., Art for Sale, Art for sale, new works, Life, Portraits, self portraits, Small drawings, Spirituality, Your Belief System, your Soul

breaking through the matrix, she falls into a sea of endless energy, infinity.

This piece is 11×14″ , pencil, colored pencils  and watercolor  on paper.

For sale $125 from this site, leave comment to contact me. Thank you.

Self Portrait of an Artist as an Artist

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I thought the self portrait should be more than just a face,so I incorporated a role with it.

Self Portrait of an Artist as an Artist.

this painting is an original 11 x 14″, watercolor and graphite on paper and sells at this site.

Don’t Cry for Me Venezuela, I Cry for the Children.

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here comesrthe_Fotor_Fotor

I’ll Teach Them to Drink Sunlight. Yummy, Filling Sunshine.