Improv from the Master’s Hand, Kate Ashbury

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The first group of improvers were sharp, on their toes and hilarious.

Improv Moves fast so keep up.

Kerry is out with a sweet young thing and leaves him jumping. On the left.

On the right , the family heals and they remain together.

And last we watch two funny, funny improvers.

Pick a word out of the bucket said Chad, it’s Angledust.

His partner sticks his whole head in, snorts, and rises above the chair.Yep that did it. I’m an angel, he calls out. Can it be? Everyone shakes their head in agreement.

That’s it Folks.

Original pictures belong to Kate Ashby. Prints for students and improvers, 20$, 30$ for all three. 11 x14″ leave me a comment or email to

Don’t Cry for Me Venezuela, I Cry for the Children.

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here comesrthe_Fotor_Fotor

I’ll Teach Them to Drink Sunlight. Yummy, Filling Sunshine.

Elephants need Elephants and the Zoo Board needs an app to get a breast on what World Animal Scholars have been ordaining as Wildlife Protocol.

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A Tale of Barb the Artist and Lucy, the Edmonton Valley zoo Elephant

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Lucy and Me

Lucy and Me on T.V


Lucy and I got into a lot of trouble with Dad. Lucy was on T.V. And it broke. There goes our new big screen T.V. Dad said it cost a pretty penny and we had to pay them all back.
Lucy is not an ordinary sized friend. She is an elephant sized one.
What can I say? What can she do?

Painting in space, with me and Lucy proved to be a safer playground, not much we can break out here.

Both original drawings are 120$ plus shipping,

11 x 14″ original, mixed media.

If you are interested please email me. and put title for subject

Trump, used to him yet? Doing his job and so am I with a new painting.

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Well, since I’m here l’ll take you on a little tour. In the centre is Donald passing out burgers? Sometimes this image looks like a woman’s head. But everyone likes a snack, especially if you’ve been making a wall.

I was in California about a month ago and there was a lot of Mexican people working at Disney land .They were so nice,nothing terroristic there.

on the bottom is a preview of if it money,no  food, etc So a few robberies, making money takes a new twist and the world, the States will get back on track.

On my return from Disney land, immigration got me. My landed immigrant card had expired. Three days out of date.

I was lucky because the nicest man was pushing my wheelchair, the lung cancer with only 30% of my lungs left have made walking more than a block  difficult.

I ‘m from the states and get patriotic going across the border so I started singing and my pusher was singing.and we could have made a musical about the border but in lieu of recent events. I thought I should just buy a new card and leave this area ASAP.

When I was there I started coughing up blood. And the Dr. Said my cancer had spread and gone to my liver. Not good and I wasn’t happy. I

discovered it was  a 40$ Train ride to Disney Land and if you  stayed outside of the park, the hotels were $115/ night. not $300.

i had a happy time for two days, RIDING A LITTLE MOTOR Scooter, yodelling , and a little shopping for my grandchildren who I don,t know, and I have Mickey Mouse earrings and necklace.  Obviously a death deterrent.

Time to get my “go fund me account together It stopped working but time to get vigilant again and ask  for help. I know there are vitamins I should be taking and I Need some Simpson Oil. I heard this was effective but the oil I could buy from Mettrum was diluted but still cost 100$ for a little bottle.

Musicians and Performers

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My very pushy agent i.e. this blog insists on a post.

OAC Colour Logo RGB PNG OAC Colour Logo RGB PNGSo Be It.

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Lovely things to see. Culture

wow he can really play, even 2 songs at once.

wow he can really play, even 2 songs at once.

Canada's favorite country boy, sings an writes. $1760

Canada’s favorite country boy, sings an writes. $150

caarlla said she moonlighted as a rodeo clown . Funny so do I.

caarlla said she moonlighted as a rodeo clown . Funny so do I.

Carla saw me drawing her and she asked

Carla saw me drawing her and she asked”Am I in court?”


Ori, Canada’s newest Crooner

These are drawings I sketch during a performance and then I watercolor them the next day.

Eyes Open, Learn from the World’s Creatures

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Listen to the dog/ listen to the shark

Listen to the dog/ listen to the shark. A World Peace Painting. Maybe. I was painting away and I thought the Ladie’s looked rather cool, then I thought this could get scary.
All of a sudden a complete reversal, which I feel is just the way the world should be. I even fooled myself. Oh really, I painted it! Now

Who would Believe this?

That’s the act of creation. I like it twice. Hope you do too.
Wait Barbara don’t assume everyone will like this or the concept. Who cares if you have to eat organic food to survive.

This painting is for sale. An original $ 750 , contact me 18 x 24″ on Arches watercolor paper leave a reply. make an offer