Hate GMOs? Let Mother Nature Do her Job

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Hey Buddy , the puppy Clock 40$

Mother Nature says Leave it to me!

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To a Friend in the Hospital: Sorry you are Yellow

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Oh, Oh, I’m feeling so much Better, since you came.

Sorry you are Yellow

But I  remember you as cherry pink
Glowingly beautiful
With feet that could never stink
Sneak out, break out
Without a doubt.
Jim will stuff you under his coat, you are so lean
And of course, I could sing so badly it would cause a scene.
Waiting for your release.

A I Wonder Moment, Momentously Applauded, or A Perplexity?

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 Who’s’ Talking?

I read a few pages and understood something better than I had. I made something to eat and I went mmmm, this is good.

I saw on National Geographic.com expeditions page a giant faceless whale, caught majestically, leaping into the air.  Then navigating to trip choices a monkey-like creature’s face emerged from a ring of fur. Oddly enough it looked like it should have or could have been the whale’s head.  It was so odd I had to tell you.

Now, this poses the real question, why? Another one of those blogger’s duties? My “who am I questions?” I must say exploring one’s mind, the universe, consciousness is not an easy matter, but so amusing.

By the way, has anyone considered looking this up? I didn’t think so.


Cancer, I’d Rather Do Lunch or Go to the Beach, my first book is Desperately trying to break out

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Blurb book store.com

first http://www.blurb.ca/b/8240273-cancer-i-d-rather-do-lunch-or-go-to-the-beach iWhoa…it’s still on Blurb and I haven’t sent it to Facebook yet? But I will.

This publishing thing seemed a lot easier than it is and I’m not sure if one will person will see it

my book: Cancer I’d Rather Do lunch

my book: Cancer I’d Rather Do lunchhttp://www.blurb.com/b/8248123


Barbara Greene Mann

An Extraordinary Relationship, as I Came To See It

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“Good friends pass away,like days do.” said the Dalai Lama. But my friend will take a lot of days.

This is the last time I will see my hospice volunteer. When I got the news last week I cried and cried because I valued our friendship, this man so much. I don’t know what I assumed, that he would be here until the end of my days whenever that was. I couldn’t imagine calling EMS cuz  I thought this was the time, and having my hand held by some of the nurses I had met at the hospital.NG

The first time I met him I was amazed because he came from so far away and I admired the Tibetan people,  monk’s life, who knows. Then he showed me a movie made in Tibet, which glorified his people and country and yes, even the yaks. The man in the movie had the same name as his. We talked about Buddhism and the books he was reading. He loved to read and was always trying to better himself. I admired the way he thought about things. And he told me stories about this Jewish lady he worked with and how he tried to  help her thinking,  He is a good Buddhist.

Every week he washed my floor and took out the garbage. That helped me a lot especially on days when I had no more strength than to sit on the bed and watch him.  Twice he  walked across the street and bought me almond milk

He was a truly  happy person and would tell me happiness came from within and if you couldn’t do something about something then just accept it and move on. This is when I would get sad about my cancer. Sometimes I sat and cried, just because…

My hospice volunteer visited with me every Sunday for 15 months. Now he is gone to see his aunt and i am very grateful to have known him.

Tsering said he signed for a years commitment, and  hospice would likely never see  a relationship such as ours.  He came for almost 15 months, missing only once. He said it was because of me. I never would have thought of that. I thought it was more like he felt a duty taking care of his grandmother.

But he said it was because he liked me and learned  a lot from me. For him to say this was a supreme compliment and I will never doubt myself again.
I asked him if wanted a picture but he said he only had Tibetan pictures at his home.

It was a true gift to meet this man. He was funny, sincere, on and on. I never knew a man such as he  existed.Filled with compassion, And he taught me it seemed so natural. Listen the Buddhists are trained all their lives to live like this, Karma rules, But the compassion that is produced. what can I say.

I started again working on my one woman play with three beginnings,so even the late comers can come in at one of three designated times. Compassion hits home.

Funny I really drew him, like he was; he had  small hairlip.But he was so handsome. I’ll always remember him and then tears fill my eyes, with love and compassion.

Self Portrait, as a Horse Cabbie at Disneyworld

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sketch book image, I like this look, horses are not abused here, only 2 runs a day , 30 minutes each. The horses are groomed, styled and loved. I hope everyone can come here as you will learn what kindness, respect and accommodation is as demonstrated by their employees. All criminals before serving time need to see the real deal how to treat the world and respect the planet. 

For sale 69$ , leave a message.

Another World Lung Cancer Day to Celebrate, I’m here Where’s the Cure?

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In response to many lung cancer sufferers,  I would say they feel stigmatized, as people will ask ,”Were you a smoker? As if t,his makes it their fault and so no sympathy can be expressed. You deserve what you got. Is ignorance the cause. The cigarette magnates deny the harm inherent in their products. They smile and deny it. You did it , now you pay. OK I admit I was a smoker.

I grew up in rebellious times. I loved the Marlboro man and his horse.

I went to horseback riding camp and the stall hands taught us how to smoke, no arts and crafts, just horses and stable guys, who were sort of cute. The 3 other girl campers, we just loved to ride and look for excitement in the stable. Cigarettes vs. hanky-panky. Were we sparred?  I went home a virgin but not a virgin smoker.

Not much else I remember about that camp except we put a bunch of aspirins in a coke, shook it up and split it 4 ways walking back. Strange, that is the only visual memory I have and  a boy shoveling shit in the stall. Nah I wouldn’t even paint a picture about that place. Wait, on my to do list.

Blame me? I was 12 years old. Blame the Marlboro Man he raped my lungs and chained me up.

Here’s the image: A kid on a horse, riding backwards, hands tied, a cig hanging from her lips.And Mr. Marlboro Man snapping a whip.

Unable to legally buy smokes I stole them from my Dad. He had a Urn filled with butts; the longest I smoked. One day they, my parents, came home while I was cigarettea. Quickly thrown into the butt urn, sSmouldering it eventually lit all the other butts filling the second floor with smoke, and firefighters.

how did this happen they asked, scratching their heads,looking at me. 55 years later, a confession came, right here. O.K.

So how did  men get prostrate cancer?  Did they put their  penis’s in  a smoker? No confession here.

Hey Mr. Marlboro Man…

Musicians in Toronto, David Serada, Always ongoing

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David Sereda 100$ 11 x 14″ watercolor

David Serada and himself and his two string players

David Serada and himself and his two string players.
David lost in space, lost in Music.

It’s funny, even to me, when I draw two pictures or perhaps it’s rather obvious. they show two moods. The ladies reflect this intuitive sense so differently but in much the same way.

Thanks to Ontario Arts Council for enabling my show last year at the Marie Schchuka Library. I am always grateful to have my work displayed for your enjoyment,




for your enjoyment.

[caption id="attachment_842" align="aligncenter" width="250"] Thanks to the Council. Although this piece was not in my Library show at Marie Schiever, I want to thank them again for their assistance.

Self Portrait as a tight wire Walker

11 x 14 " Watercolors with graphite or ink., Art for Sale, Art for sale, new works, Life, Portraits, self portraits, Small drawings, Spirituality, Your Belief System, your Soul

breaking through the matrix, she falls into a sea of endless energy, infinity.

This piece is 11×14″ , pencil, colored pencils  and watercolor  on paper.

For sale $125 from this site, leave comment to contact me. Thank you.

Improv from the Master’s Hand, Kate Ashbury

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Introducing the Improvers

The first group of improvers were sharp, on their toes and hilarious.

Improv Moves fast so keep up.

Kerry is out with a sweet young thing and leaves him jumping. On the left.

On the right , the family heals and they remain together.

And last we watch two funny, funny improvers.

Pick a word out of the bucket said Chad, it’s Angledust.

His partner sticks his whole head in, snorts, and rises above the chair.Yep that did it. I’m an angel, he calls out. Can it be? Everyone shakes their head in agreement.

That’s it Folks.

Original pictures belong to Kate Ashby. Prints for students and improvers, 20$, 30$ for all three. 11 x14″ leave me a comment or email to sammomann55@gmail.com