Help they cut off my Old Age Pension Supplement and What about My Rent

Art for sale, new works, color, Cure Cancer, etc. the things that make a great painting, Happiness is, is anyone there?

Hold that Idea


Self Portrait

Without any warning, and at the last minute- they cut off my  Gaines  Supplement. they had to know earlier and why didn’t they warn me. But it’s a drop in the bucket, 255$ That’s 5 pictures at 50$ or 10 at 25. Only one has been sold in about 10 years, I mean minutes. They’re clamouring,  My phone is ringing and I’m hallucinating. I can do this.

wait this could be like a Rent Party.

yes it will be a Rentery Auction Sale and I will continue to have a place to live.

noble thought Miss Babs.

I owed one month rent and here we go again.  They  add on costs, I.e. Bounced check fee, which adds up. The robotized calculator just continues thinking , do it again, something is not calculating. It too has a tumour and goes for a scan Monday. Cancer runs in the family.



Another World Lung Cancer Day to Celebrate, I’m here Where’s the Cure?

Art for sale, new works, Cure Cancer, Cure Cancer, Here?What is the Devil doing, KIDS AND SMOKING, Life, Your Belief System

In response to many lung cancer sufferers,  I would say they feel stigmatized, as people will ask ,”Were you a smoker? As if t,his makes it their fault and so no sympathy can be expressed. You deserve what you got. Is ignorance the cause. The cigarette magnates deny the harm inherent in their products. They smile and deny it. You did it , now you pay. OK I admit I was a smoker.

I grew up in rebellious times. I loved the Marlboro man and his horse.

I went to horseback riding camp and the stall hands taught us how to smoke, no arts and crafts, just horses and stable guys, who were sort of cute. The 3 other girl campers, we just loved to ride and look for excitement in the stable. Cigarettes vs. hanky-panky. Were we sparred?  I went home a virgin but not a virgin smoker.

Not much else I remember about that camp except we put a bunch of aspirins in a coke, shook it up and split it 4 ways walking back. Strange, that is the only visual memory I have and  a boy shoveling shit in the stall. Nah I wouldn’t even paint a picture about that place. Wait, on my to do list.

Blame me? I was 12 years old. Blame the Marlboro Man he raped my lungs and chained me up.

Here’s the image: A kid on a horse, riding backwards, hands tied, a cig hanging from her lips.And Mr. Marlboro Man snapping a whip.

Unable to legally buy smokes I stole them from my Dad. He had a Urn filled with butts; the longest I smoked. One day they, my parents, came home while I was cigarettea. Quickly thrown into the butt urn, sSmouldering it eventually lit all the other butts filling the second floor with smoke, and firefighters.

how did this happen they asked, scratching their heads,looking at me. 55 years later, a confession came, right here. O.K.

So how did  men get prostrate cancer?  Did they put their  penis’s in  a smoker? No confession here.

Hey Mr. Marlboro Man…