Don’t Cry for Me Venezuela, I Cry for the Children.

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here comesrthe_Fotor_Fotor

I’ll Teach Them to Drink Sunlight. Yummy, Filling Sunshine.

Horrific, Pneumonia Now on Top of Lung Cancer, and Missing Glasses

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12:38 a.m.

Horror, stovhot and sweaty, red lightsstove, an empty pot, oxygen off, thirsty and need to pee; my choice is visit John..

BUT  wait, Where are my Glasses? I can’t see to find them. Not on the bed , that’s the only place, behind it.  Did I draw myself twice ? I’m blind , and I don’t have a brain tumour. Whew I was worried.

I have devised an old pair with a rubber band  and  a  something else, oh my ear. Still no glasses, walking back in my mind I finally get to the John and mournfully head in hands I look down and on the floor they lie. I really need to get them tightened.

A minor adjustment would have saved me, three hours of searching. And where was the call from hospice who I had called to help.

Good thing I found them by myself. When I get discovered and money flows in; none

for them.

Visiting Lucy the Elephant at the Edmonton Valley Zoo.

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I want to go home, Lucy said.

Never, said the Zoo. You are a people’s Elephant.

Who said that? Did Lucy tell you herself?

Bob Barker offered one million dollars for her to go to the Sanctuary in 2009 and 2012.

The Zoo refused.

this small, 11x 14″ original is 125$ plus postage.

A Tale of Barb the Artist and Lucy, the Edmonton Valley zoo Elephant

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Lucy and Me

Lucy and Me on T.V


Lucy and I got into a lot of trouble with Dad. Lucy was on T.V. And it broke. There goes our new big screen T.V. Dad said it cost a pretty penny and we had to pay them all back.
Lucy is not an ordinary sized friend. She is an elephant sized one.
What can I say? What can she do?

Painting in space, with me and Lucy proved to be a safer playground, not much we can break out here.

Both original drawings are 120$ plus shipping,

11 x 14″ original, mixed media.

If you are interested please email me. and put title for subject

Eyes Open, Learn from the World’s Creatures

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Listen to the dog/ listen to the shark

Listen to the dog/ listen to the shark. A World Peace Painting. Maybe. I was painting away and I thought the Ladie’s looked rather cool, then I thought this could get scary.
All of a sudden a complete reversal, which I feel is just the way the world should be. I even fooled myself. Oh really, I painted it! Now

Who would Believe this?

That’s the act of creation. I like it twice. Hope you do too.
Wait Barbara don’t assume everyone will like this or the concept. Who cares if you have to eat organic food to survive.

This painting is for sale. An original $ 750 , contact me 18 x 24″ on Arches watercolor paper leave a reply. make an offer