A I Wonder Moment, Momentously Applauded, or A Perplexity?

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 Who’s’ Talking?

I read a few pages and understood something better than I had. I made something to eat and I went mmmm, this is good.

I saw on National Geographic.com expeditions page a giant faceless whale, caught majestically, leaping into the air.  Then navigating to trip choices a monkey-like creature’s face emerged from a ring of fur. Oddly enough it looked like it should have or could have been the whale’s head.  It was so odd I had to tell you.

Now, this poses the real question, why? Another one of those blogger’s duties? My “who am I questions?” I must say exploring one’s mind, the universe, consciousness is not an easy matter, but so amusing.

By the way, has anyone considered looking this up? I didn’t think so.



A Wonderful Day, it Happens!

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On Jul 16, 2017, at 1:09 PM, barbara greene mann <sammomann55@gmail.com> wrote:</sammomann55@gmail.com>

Will do, thanks!
I had quite  a lovely day. Met friends at art show, just Workman art members. Put out lots of pictures. No one came, but chatted and went I went downstairs, they had clothes and stuff, etc. I bought the cutest jacket, 10$ and Mom would love it, almost like she was there, walked right up to it , perfect.
Left early and went to Fringe Festival, they are across Canada and US, and heard of this good show, and I was. Although I had a quick doze . The actor was non stop movement describing how he met the woman if his dreams. Duh , laff , laff and how he would purpose. Quick, stream of consciousness, etc. Afterwards I met him outside and we had a really fun chat. Then I asked , true? And yes there was Vanessa, his wife.
On a roll, went to next stop looking for infamous soup restaurant and inquired, where I met head volunteer leader. She gave me a delicious granola bar, and after an improv .connection, she gave me a ticket for a free improv class at 2 nd city. I moved on and joined a group on fringes forum about disabilities. Being oldest and wisest I made a few poignant comments and idea Ed a plan to have sign language in kindergarten , breaking down a barrier for deaf and now we can be cross cultural , inclusive, all the buzz words. I can organize this between 3 large groups I can access  and take it to City Hall.
A new project , I have plenty of paintings. Had a nice salad etc., compliments of you. Thanks again, heard some teenage music, and left .
Caring a lot of things, huffed to bus and home.

Two hours of tossing and cleaning, my volunteer due to arrive soon.

He never came.

One last play to be seen and connection with Natasha.

i just realized it’s typing on the iPad one fingered that is hurting bicep,

Good by.


Enter comment, what? Not Allowed?

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I couldn’t agree with this author more. I am a great artist, with lung cancer for the 3rd time . Have you heard of me! No because  now it’s all about money . 45 $ to submit a painting to a large supported institution to view and choose. I can do that quickly for a lot less, how about 5 $,

Don’t ask for comments Sir if you only want your Own.

In Toronto this weekend , 750$ to enter an art festival, will I be there?


This isn’t fair

not freedom of speech, thar’s not we the people. I’d like to talk to the man in charge. Who’s running this show?

Elephants need Elephants and the Zoo Board needs an app to get a breast on what World Animal Scholars have been ordaining as Wildlife Protocol.

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W Dear Mr. Zoo Board, I am not your elephant or your friend.
I am an elephant and I want to go HOME. Home is not in a zoo. WAKE UP

Wake Up World and The Edmonton Valley Zoo. Use your voice before you forget you have one.

Lucy is really tired of living as the only elephant at the Zoo. Elephants live in herds with many, elephants. They are social, creatures who honor, love, and care for each other. That doesn’t sound like Edmonton Valley’s human-led vision is at the Zoo. They beat their chests and roar, “She is ours.” And the Supreme Court wave their prods and say, “Yes.”
Which brilliant Board member deemed her a people’s elephant. She wants to retire with the herd at the Sanctuary, 36 years of working at the Zoo is long enough. She has given you her heart with total compliance, holding up signs, painting, attending yoga, shaking anxiously alone at night, in a concrete cell. You took away a coat made for her, to keep her warm. You took and still are taking away her elephanthood. There are great animal scholars who will enlighten you. Be magnanimous, regain the compassion, you have lost. Regain your humanity. Wake up and the World will cheer you.

Lucy says she hates being an artist. Her passivity has been stretched to the limit. She wants a paint gun to hurl paint using people rather than canvas. Let me say this, Elephants are not artists; they like mud better. People, please buy art from real artists. Then read how they train elephants to paint through fear. As a society, I feel we should not create more fear. People learn where and how to find your soul and then look and find an artist, who paints from the heart.

Lucy is tired of playing Santa, how cute. The Dancing Bears have been replaced. How humiliating that the Zoo would even perpetuate this.

The most wonderful thing the Zoo could do would be to release Lucy. Maybe one day they will think like Canadians again.

I’m writing to Bob Barber who will find great joy in his heart to hear the news. Lucy screams,”I want to go Home.” And she does.
Make it happen.

This large collage, mixed media, took forever. I admit I was having a hard time until I discovered the peas in a Meals on Wheels catalog. A few weeks and endless hours cutting, pasting.and looking until I had it perfect. Finally, this is the message I need to send.

Visiting Lucy the Elephant at the Edmonton Valley Zoo.

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I want to go home, Lucy said.

Never, said the Zoo. You are a people’s Elephant.

Who said that? Did Lucy tell you herself?

Bob Barker offered one million dollars for her to go to the Sanctuary in 2009 and 2012.

The Zoo refused.

this small, 11x 14″ original is 125$ plus postage.