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Dr. Radiator says, “You won’t feel a thing.”

image Oh dear said the divas. Y

Venezuela celebrates with bunnies making dunk shots into hungry mouths, a novel idea

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[gallery size=full ids=’885′ “Did you think I handed out all the wine and bread. No, No I’m Jewish.”

Jesus laughed and said, “So am I”

This is an original: watercolour, pen and ink, drawing on paper,

(11×13″) for sale , leave your inquiry requesting information. I will get back to you.                                                                                                                                                                                        

Don’t Cry for Me Venezuela, I Cry for the Children.

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here comesrthe_Fotor_Fotor

I’ll Teach Them to Drink Sunlight. Yummy, Filling Sunshine.

Message to the Venezuelan Despot

Art for sale, new works, Art Raises your Vibrations, Ascension, is anyone there?, Lung Cancer? No Need for glasses Here. or, positive thinking, Small drawings
Feed Your People. They live there, this is their home. For a few cents a day they could  love  you and work with you.

Amazing even I know this.

The band was fun and I was drawingimage like a banshee as there were a lot of people in the group. The leader said wind it up , only three minutes left. Did you see who I left out?

this picture is for sale, 11 x14 ” $110. Original watercolour.

Art for Sale, Art Raises your Vibrations

Pł: Fern Lindzon, Singer, Swinger and Band Leader

Art for Sale, Art for sale, new works, Art Raises your Vibrations, color, composition, I really love this drawing, Jazz Music, Musicians and Drawings, Original sketches drawn ar the performance, live and painted later in the studio, Small drawings

Thanks to

Fern times 2Presenting: Fern Lindzon, Singer, Swinger and Band  Leader

How many have been to alive performance before ? And you choose mine? Bravo to me and a bigger Bravo to you. They were so energetic, and soulful  I had a hard time drawing when I wanted to clap to the beat.


JAZZ IS still alive, ESPECIALLY WHEN THE Queen of Jazz leads the band

Jazz is alive especially while the Queen is on stage. Fern Lindzon not only plays the piano, but she sings, dances ( under the piano) composes and was nominated for an award for one of her songs. The way she carasses each note felt like diamonds in my ears.

Fern Lindzon studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music; and she ,enjoyed being back where her training began and was honed to be the talent that shines and touches the listener’ s soul.

I have some serious health concerns but not once did my thoughts even go there.

Loving Jazz and listening  to the greats (my training) I feel I can say Fern Lindzon is truly a Toronto treasure.

Thanks again ! It was amazing. Awesome.

Barbara Greene Mann

March 2017

The two images originals are for sale, if interested contact

Horrific, Pneumonia Now on Top of Lung Cancer, and Missing Glasses

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12:38 a.m.

Horror, stovhot and sweaty, red lightsstove, an empty pot, oxygen off, thirsty and need to pee; my choice is visit John..

BUT  wait, Where are my Glasses? I can’t see to find them. Not on the bed , that’s the only place, behind it.  Did I draw myself twice ? I’m blind , and I don’t have a brain tumour. Whew I was worried.

I have devised an old pair with a rubber band  and  a  something else, oh my ear. Still no glasses, walking back in my mind I finally get to the John and mournfully head in hands I look down and on the floor they lie. I really need to get them tightened.

A minor adjustment would have saved me, three hours of searching. And where was the call from hospice who I had called to help.

Good thing I found them by myself. When I get discovered and money flows in; none

for them.