Hate GMO’s? Let Mother Nature Do her Job

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Mother Nature says Leave it to me!

Let’s Talk about the World. Do you think organic is the best? Others might agree with you.T-shirts are having a Christmas special, 25% off. White T’s are$23, black$27 + 5$ shipping. easy to pay here and then please leave me your name and address and your shirt will be in the mail.  Will you be the first?


Happy Thanksgiving.This is a pretty old Holiday, maybe as old as St. Nick.

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Happy Thanksgiving, Remember When

Happy Thanksgiving cards for next Year although if anyone would like a poster, I can send you a highly pixelated file to print yourself.And by next year I can sell cards earlier and I bet you’ll never even remember.

Here’s another choice, they could be picnic pictures and send it out at New Years. I always have a reasonable explanation.

Handmade cards are 15$ and postage, 4$. I’ll find out. This may seem high or just right, I’m standing up for my artists’ job. Thank you


you can pay me at paypal.me/BarbaraMann

thanks again




To a Friend in the Hospital: Sorry you are Yellow

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Oh, Oh, I’m feeling so much Better, since you came.

Sorry you are Yellow

But I  remember you as cherry pink
Glowingly beautiful
With feet that could never stink
Sneak out, break out
Without a doubt.
Jim will stuff you under his coat, you are so lean
And of course, I could sing so badly it would cause a scene.
Waiting for your release.

Utopia and the Pink Shoes

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I am so sorry as the painting posted had the wrong title.

a Utopia

You never had a worry in Utopia because the Lady did all the worrying for ya’. And your pink shoes …

…One shoe became a getaway car, always handy and the other shoe became a boat for the refugees.

In Utopia there were a lot of animals, I like elephants and dogs, and fish and good things to eat. And you could lay in bed and eat pizza with your Mom.

There’s a jungle with a totem pole and a giant rabbit and more clear water to swim in and play with the dog. That’s Utopia.

The original watercolor and collage is available, 18 x 24″. 800$


Please make a donation, raising money for art residency submission. Thank you.

Cancer, I’d Rather Do Lunch or Go to the Beach, my first book is Desperately trying to break out

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Blurb book store.com

http://www.blurb.ca/b/8240273-cancer-i-d-rather-do-lunch-or-go-to-the-beach iWhoa…it’s still on Blurb and I haven’t sent it to Amazon yet? But I will.

This publishing thing seemed a lot easier than it is and I’m not sure if one will person will see it

my book: Cancer I’d Rather Do lunch

my book: Cancer I’d Rather Do lunchhttp://www.blurb.com/b/8248123


Barbara Greene Mann

Avoidable Death vs. Calculated Death and my first book goes to Press.

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Can It go to Press without a picture of Samantha?  I fear it might.  It did.

Cindy sent Sam to heaven, my 12-year-old Springer. Sam became her dog when I asked her to care for Sam following my second lung cancer surgery and she was tired of her newly acquired mothership role and deferred freedom.

And vice versa I thought, as a non-preferred bereavement role hit me.  Not even a farewell kiss or a party. 

What a minute. She’s happy, you’re sad, too bad.

So no one said, Welcome, Home Babs or So Long Sammy, I Love You!

I’ll get over It. But when?

Campers and Improv Successfully Alleviate Bears Attacks. No Fear Now.

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Kate taught me to do improv and I taught the Bears. So before you enter the park there’s a 35-minute class and a fee. Have fun and remember bears always support your partner.

paypal.me/BarbaraMann is a link you can make a small donation if you’d like.  Please tidbits for me and the Bears

The original Painting is for sale, very reasonable. Email me at sammomnn55@gmail.com and in subject put how did I ever get so smart

<awork for salhref=”https://fineartamerica.com/shop/originals&#8221; style=”font: 10pt arial; text-decoration: underline;”>original arte</a>

Two Faces of One Singer, Display a Dynamic Duet

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Thanks to the Ontario Arts Council,  for their support which enabled me to have this art exhibition at the Maria Schchuka Library as it is always an honor to display my work to the Public

The new Music and Art Expo.

11 x 14 " Watercolors with graphite or ink., Art for Sale, Art Raises your Vibrations, Happiness is

Sultry and Hot

Hi,  Somehow I thought, I think I could do this, give a lecture and show my artwork which shows the local musicians I have seen in Toronto. I sit and sketch the band, the vocalist, and then go home and paint them with watercolor. Afterwards,

The Queen of Jazz and The King of Flutes. for sale original watercolor,100$

I show the musicians and they autograph the picture, authenticity. so I could display 15 pictures and give a talk. I feel this is my way of honoring the musicians and giving them some thanks for their years of practice and working at their craft.

After my second lung cancer operation, I  was left with only 30% of my lungs and I decided if I was to be a singer I’d better do it fast.
I saw Alberta Hunter in New York when I was a kid, before my art career and if Alberta could do it 72  I  still had some time.
I had a show in December at the Library and used these pieces so they are framed. I’m sure you ‘ll think this is quite original and entertaining.