New Years Resolution #4-Sometimes You Have To Do What You Have to Do

IVANA new Gardener to make food safe for the world, organic foods, Toxic?


Yes, I have a new job, I’m a food modification engineer. Look at these beautiful apples I grew. No soil, no water,  no sunlight, and no taste. Time for lunch. You don’t want to eat this. I don’t care. I can force feed you. Apples are so good for you, Genetic Food Modification Technician



One thought on “New Years Resolution #4-Sometimes You Have To Do What You Have to Do

  1. Sometimes I feel really grateful that you come to my site and read my ideas on life. I have been a painter, artist for over 50 years: it’s a shit job please pick something else. But I think you might have a spirit similar to mine, except I have experienced more of life than you, since I’m likely a lot older. And its been a rough one . I never thought I would be poor for so long. Not one sale at Christmas.
    I have end stage lung cancer and after my second surgery, leaving me with only 30% of my lungs, I decided to be a singer and, 5 minutes once a month. Boy I’m telling you a lot. Anyways if you would help me out,with just a few bucks that would be great as I did buy some silver collodial stuff to fight the cancer, So everybody go High O silver! lol its: althoughI don’t know if it works yet. thanks Barb


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