Exposed, New Year Resolutions for the Neighborhood

a new subway station with no bathrooms, Art for sale, new works, construction, Horrors: What's Next?, Photography, The Neighborhood Upgrade, The Neighborhood Upgrade

It looks so deserted like nobody really lives here

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New Year’s Day, is so peaceful and chipper. Love and greetings warm the air but around the corner, the world of greed and darkness, filled with cancer, cockroaches, and rudeness fights to clamor back in, known as the underground.  They’re building a new subway station on the corner.
Above the streets illuminate this darkness. Its innovations, filth, and destruction expose nasty, noisy complications which invade the local community. Where is the sidewalk, buses haven’t a clue where the stops are and neither do the passengers?

 Should the neighborhood resign itself? It’s been three years already, so far. Another seven seems about right.? Like legos take it apart, resolve a minor issue, put it back together again. Hey, the pays too good and construction is something men love, dirt, noise, and good money.

New Year Resolutions

#1. Don’t Complain, It does no good.The Neighborhood never complains, whose to listen? Donde esta el Presidente?

#2. The worse it looks, the better it is because when it looks sparkly perfectomento we’ll be out on our asses.

#3. Wait, it’s not as bad as it seems because we’ll get a payoff and they’ll have to find us a new home with a community center?  What’s wrong? Nada!


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