The World Gardener and Ivana Agree, Eat Organic

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Mother Nature says Leave it to me!
The World Gardener Says Eat Organic

Hey Buddy , the puppy Clock 40$

Buy 30 $ for black $28 for white, 5$ for postage, at, leave me your size and address and I will mail the shirt to you. thanks barb


Hey Buddy, the puppy Clock, only 40$.I know this has nothing to do with gardening but I think it’s so cute.
Ivana followers and World Gardeners, Haters of GMO’s and those who ask what are they doing to US. Buy and support this.

Vista is my new company 25% off for Holidays, cheapest and best quality ever.
Wouldn’t you feel terrific thinking ” I am the only person in the world wearing this.” You can be.
Ivana the Gardener, all woman’s sizes, white 28$, black 30$, $5 for postage.

I am an artist living with lung cancer for over 7 years. I survived two surgeries and cancer is back. I said no to chemo but treat myself with an organic diet and supplements. Please support my artwork and healthy foods by buying a T-shirt or a small painting.


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