Happy Hanukah, the Best Happy Hanukah Card Ever

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The Chanukah Story

Lighting the menorah
Cozies up our window
Mist from the heat
Wavering flames dance

The Temple being trashed, money lenders brawling
Would the oil over the bema keep our Torah safe?
While it upheld our faith that we too were secure
Burning far longer than its volume could promise.
This was the miracle.

The love our Lord gave to us was his gift
japanese Ninjas, Kung Foo Warriors, and our Maccabees
All special protectors.
Would they be there if we weren’t worthy?

Well they were but still
You must know what I am thinking
No, I don’t want to break the trance
But seven little presents and one big one
Still is no match for all the gifts
Neath our neighbors Christmas tree

I AM THRILLED, slightly less as my writing wasn’t saved but I know what I said.and there are 18 days until Hanukah, and it ends the 20th.

So anyone wishing to buy an authentic Hanukah card you are in the right place with the right amount of time for me to get it to you. Simply, yes, leave me a message here or on Facebook, Send money 17$, that’s with postage and I will send it to you, no sweat. 

paypal.me/BarbaraMann  Or else I can send you a high res. picture and you can print it yourself.  Hallelujah! It’s getting better, getting better all the time.paypal.me/BarbaraMann

My business skills are improving. Be sure to leave me your address., and so is my memory.




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