Avoidable Death vs. Calculated Death and my first book goes to Press.

Art for Sale, Art Rules, Complaints, The Unheard Voice, Your Belief System

Can It go to Press without a picture of Samantha?  I fear it might.  It did.

Cindy sent Sam to heaven, my 12-year-old Springer. Sam became her dog when I asked her to care for Sam following my second lung cancer surgery and she was tired of her newly acquired mothership role and deferred freedom.

And vice versa I thought, as a non-preferred bereavement role hit me.  Not even a farewell kiss or a party. 

What a minute. She’s happy, you’re sad, too bad.

So no one said, Welcome, Home Babs or So Long Sammy, I Love You!

I’ll get over It. But when?


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