Hostile Security GuarHospital Sunday, Scary

Art for sale, new works, Art Raises your Vibrations, the bad

Jeanie a friend from Gilda’s Club called and said to visit because her cancer had gone to her brain and she had 3 months to live. After falling asleep time after time I finally left and it was far, very far away. After I  arrived she took her pill and fell asleep but she asked me to stay and sleep on THE CHAIR. IT HURT MY BACK SO I TURNED IT UPSIDE DOWN AND THE NURSE, saw and screamed.NO,No.

So I went to this room with a couch, A nurse gave me a  pillow and sheet.

When I entered there was one white skinhead and a timid black man.They walked aggressively towards me, stood too close for comfort and accused me of theft, and trespassing. Ordering me out, they were right on my heels. I had a hard time keeping up, very winded, and then chest pains. No harm to them I was the trespasser, the invader. They didn’t   stop until I was off the property. Of course, it was a large parking lot.

In the morning I called the patient advocate. I think I’ll call her back.  It must be all the poisons in the BMO food, turns men into killer dogs, No treats for this boy.

drawing on paper 30$, graphite, colored pencil.


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