Help they cut off my Old Age Pension Supplement and What about My Rent

Art for sale, new works, color, Cure Cancer, etc. the things that make a great painting, Happiness is, is anyone there?

Hold that Idea


Self Portrait

Without any warning, and at the last minute- they cut off my  Gaines  Supplement. they had to know earlier and why didn’t they warn me. But it’s a drop in the bucket, 255$ That’s 5 pictures at 50$ or 10 at 25. Only one has been sold in about 10 years, I mean minutes. They’re clamouring,  My phone is ringing and I’m hallucinating. I can do this.

wait this could be like a Rent Party.

yes it will be a Rentery Auction Sale and I will continue to have a place to live.

noble thought Miss Babs.

I owed one month rent and here we go again.  They  add on costs, I.e. Bounced check fee, which adds up. The robotized calculator just continues thinking , do it again, something is not calculating. It too has a tumour and goes for a scan Monday. Cancer runs in the family.



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