Integrity: A response to a Christopher Everson Poem

and the audience, Art Raises your Vibrations, Happiness is, Horrors: What's Next?, Improv, is anyone there?, your Soul

the Thinker


There aren’t, came we,
any other way. The
roads there coming without.
Aren’t any today. Are
shortcuts, there’s we, where
no way gotten have
to descend not. Could
into this we that
pathway. This see, clearly
 Christopher Everson
In response to:
In teg-rit ie said the Haut , Ms. Wig
​ ​
You are a hog in a mog​ 
​Monday am​ I will inspect
Extreme Clean is the threat
Goggles on they toss
Even my shirt?
And your skirt
Ding! I hide under my bed
Slam! Gone
lol my paintings are saved in a cave
A playground of beauty softly exalted
take one bewildered friends, buy one
you will not feel a pinch
but instead a karmic joy
harvesting a loving  toy
 July 23, 2017
This drawing is for sale 40$, raising money for rent, I didn’t do  my income tax , they said and I lost my old age pension. Oh no

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