A Wonderful Day, it Happens!

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On Jul 16, 2017, at 1:09 PM, barbara greene mann <sammomann55@gmail.com> wrote:</sammomann55@gmail.com>

Will do, thanks!
I had quite  a lovely day. Met friends at art show, just Workman art members. Put out lots of pictures. No one came, but chatted and went I went downstairs, they had clothes and stuff, etc. I bought the cutest jacket, 10$ and Mom would love it, almost like she was there, walked right up to it , perfect.
Left early and went to Fringe Festival, they are across Canada and US, and heard of this good show, and I was. Although I had a quick doze . The actor was non stop movement describing how he met the woman if his dreams. Duh , laff , laff and how he would purpose. Quick, stream of consciousness, etc. Afterwards I met him outside and we had a really fun chat. Then I asked , true? And yes there was Vanessa, his wife.
On a roll, went to next stop looking for infamous soup restaurant and inquired, where I met head volunteer leader. She gave me a delicious granola bar, and after an improv .connection, she gave me a ticket for a free improv class at 2 nd city. I moved on and joined a group on fringes forum about disabilities. Being oldest and wisest I made a few poignant comments and idea Ed a plan to have sign language in kindergarten , breaking down a barrier for deaf and now we can be cross cultural , inclusive, all the buzz words. I can organize this between 3 large groups I can access  and take it to City Hall.
A new project , I have plenty of paintings. Had a nice salad etc., compliments of you. Thanks again, heard some teenage music, and left .
Caring a lot of things, huffed to bus and home.

Two hours of tossing and cleaning, my volunteer due to arrive soon.

He never came.

One last play to be seen and connection with Natasha.

i just realized it’s typing on the iPad one fingered that is hurting bicep,

Good by.



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