The World out there, can it be? Tail # 1

Art for sale, new works

Locked out of my blog. Imagine standing with passwords zipping by

No substance , no suitcase, a quick rinse, ooo dressed in clean couture, a skirt with a tidal wave hem, pumps broken in.

There’s not a tear in the sky, I drift by. Wait

Meeting to update white arms


Dancing on top of the World


Sky attack won

Land attack follow me, clearing the way

Now, bugles, moved by a powerful force from behind

Go, go nonevasive? Not

Surrounding snot.

I’m shot, joking

Stroking my long hair, bare

And sizzling, someone I never knew b4

Endorsed by a following of incredible minds

Born in black holes, out of horrific times

Left behind is the slime

Feel brighter, lighter


Aside, moo moo the Hathors are here.


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