Presenting: Fern Lindzon, Singer, Swinger and Band Leader

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Fern Lindzon asks, “How many people have listened to Jazz before? How many have been to a live performance?

And you choose mine? Bravo to me and a bigger Bravo to you.

img_0232-2 They were so energetic, and soulful  I had a hard time drawing when I wanted to clap to the beat.


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Jazz is certainly exalted when the Queen is on, our Fern hits the stage. Her choice of songs were like diamonds to my ears,  amazingly new, and old, fun.
The Royal Academy of Music is Fern’s alma mater and she loved playing here again.
The Academy should be so proud for this is where she built her, solid  foundation, and then she took off.
I have some serious health concerns but not once did my thoughts even go there when I listened and drew.

Loving Jazz and listening to the greats (my training) I feel I can say Fern Lindzon is truly a Toronto treasure.

Thanks again! It was amazing. Awesome.

Barbara Greene Mann

March 2017
More of of my art can be seen at http:// barbmannartforsale.wordpress.comb



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