Horrific, Pneumonia Now on Top of Lung Cancer, and Missing Glasses

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12:38 a.m.

Horror, stovhot and sweaty, red lightsstove, an empty pot, oxygen off, thirsty and need to pee; my choice is visit John..

BUT  wait, Where are my Glasses? I can’t see to find them. Not on the bed , that’s the only place, behind it.  Did I draw myself twice ? I’m blind , and I don’t have a brain tumour. Whew I was worried.

I have devised an old pair with a rubber band  and  a  something else, oh my ear. Still no glasses, walking back in my mind I finally get to the John and mournfully head in hands I look down and on the floor they lie. I really need to get them tightened.

A minor adjustment would have saved me, three hours of searching. And where was the call from hospice who I had called to help.

Good thing I found them by myself. When I get discovered and money flows in; none

for them.


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